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What is
Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is a comprehensive and personalized approach to understanding the root cause of an individual's health issues.

The goal is to go beyond simply masking our patient's symptoms and get to the root cause of the issue. We use a variety of techniques, such as nutrition, life style adjustments and various different test kits, to try to identify and remedy any systemic issues to get our patients to their optimum health.

Our test kits



Stool Analysis

Helps to pinpoint the cause of gastrointestinal symptoms by measuring and analyzing imbalances of bacteria and yeast/fungus.

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Organic Acid Test

Organic acids are chemical compounds found in high concentrations in urine. This test checks the levels of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and intestinal yeast/bacteria to get an accurate metabolic profile.



24 Hour Test

Analyzes urine over a 24-hour period to show how your body synthesizers and metabolizes neurotransmitters.


Food Allergy Test

Analyzes your blood and determines which foods you are sensitive to (foods that cause mild reactions such as gas, diarrhea and abdominal pain), and which foods you may have an allergy to (those that affect the immune system and cause an immediate response).

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Adrenal Stress Index

Measures your cortisol as well as 5 other hormone levels over a 24-hour period to determine if there is abnormal adrenal function.



Hormone Analysis

Tests and analyzes a variety of hormones; including estrogen, progesterone, androgen and more to create a baseline and identify any hormonal imbalances.


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